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mennie machine company entrance bldg med

Providing CNC contract precision machining with high volume
manufacturing along with robotic closed-loop machining cells since 1970. 

An IATF 16949:2016 Certified Company

Machining Focus


Machining Niche

    • 2" up to 30" cube/cylinder
    • 1 to 250 pounds
    • Complex, high-precision parts
    • Multi-sided, multi-setup
    • Multi Induction Heat Treatment
    • Super-finishing
    • Thermo Deburring
    • AFM Deburring (Abrasive Flow Media)
    • O.D. Grinding with No Lead
    • Furnace Tempering
    • Two Sided Lapping
    • 25-1,000,000 pieces annually

CNC Equipment

    • Horizontal Machining Centers
    • Vertical Machining Centers
    • Horizontal Lathes
    • Vertical Lathes
    • Lap Machine
    • Vertical Broach Machine
    • Gun Drill Machine 
    • Spline Roller 
    • Laser Engraving- Human Readable and 2D Matrix 
    • Assembly Press Machine 
    • Vibratory Deburr Machine 
    • Thermal Deburr Machine 
    • AFM Deburr Machine (Abrasive Flow Media)
    • Induction Heat-Treating
    • O.D. Grinding


    • Castings
    • Forgings
    • Bar Stock           
    • Fabrications/Weldments
    • Grey and ductile irons
    • Stainless steel & high alloy
    • Aluminum
    • Exotic metals


Our engineering Group oversees every project from concept to machining and beyond.

Our expertise and experience in CNC precision machining of medium to large complex parts with Robotic integration have led to numerous trade publication articles about our unique capabilities. With ten full-time engineers on our staff, knowledge of materials, machining, and machine tools, our capabilities go beyond our current customer base.

Mennie's engineering knowledge and experience can help you in the design and prototype phase to optimize your parts for manufacturability; from viewing customer's drawings with Auto-CAD to creating our own fixtures at our 30,000-square-foot tool room located one mile from our production facility. In addition, our engineering department utilizes the latest software for computer-integrated manufacturing. 

Company History 

  • Founded in 1970 by Hubert J. Mennie and his wife, Cheryl.
  • In the 1980s, MMC designed and produced CNC equipment along with low and medium-volume production machining.
  • In 1990 MMC expanded into a 30,000 sq. ft. facility, transitioning to high-volume manufacturing with robotic closed-loop machining cells. New markets automotive and construction industries.
  • In 2000 MMC expanded & Consolidated into a new 130,000 square ft. facility.
  • In 2003 MMC completed yet another 85,000 sq. ft. expansion onto their new facility to facilitate future customer demands.
  • In 2014 MMC was certified as “Women-Owned Small Business Status“
  • In 2015 “SBA HUBZONE” Certified Business with Federal Government.
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